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Advocacy and Empowerment

Our History

Our story traces back to a time when a community united to create new opportunities that were previously unexplored. In the mid-1970s, Great Lake Paper and their President, Warwick Fox, donated the White Fox Inn, an 8,000 sq. ft. mansion that served as a 21-bed home supporting individuals with a developmental disability. This pivotal moment marked a significant step in the provincial goal of closing all institutions.

It was the families, friends, and community members who led grassroots fundraising efforts for the renovations and furnishings needed to transform this site into a welcoming home environment. Over time, housing needs evolved to prioritize community connection and engagement in smaller homes, and the Inn was closed and sold in 1998.

The proceeds from the sale of the Great Lakes home were preserved due to the valiant efforts of those same family members and friends. They were determined not to let these funds be lost in the day-to-day operations of service provision. As a result, in 1998 The Foundation was born. This charitable organization was created to continue promoting, supporting, and protecting the interests of people with a developmental disability.

Empowering Change, Transforming Lives

What makes us different?

Individualized Support

We provide personalized support tailored to the unique needs of individuals with developmental disabilities, ensuring they receive the assistance they need to thrive.

Filling Funding Gaps

We secure essential funding to support individuals with developmental disabilities and their families, bridging the gaps left by limited public funding to enhance their quality of life.

Community Collaboration

We foster strong partnerships with local organizations, families, and community members to create a united front in advocating for the rights and well-being of individuals with developmental disabilities.

Comprehensive Approach

Our programs and services go beyond basic support, aiming to address various aspects of individuals’ lives, including employment, leisure, community participation, and more, to promote holistic development and independence.

Long-standing Advocacy

With a rich history of advocating for individuals with developmental disabilities, we bring decades of experience and expertise to our work, continually striving for positive change.

Inclusive Vision

We envision a society where individuals with developmental disabilities are fully included, valued, and empowered, and we work diligently to create an inclusive community where they feel recognized and celebrated.

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